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Looking for something a bit extra in your America and Canada tours? We provide small group adventures that are perfectly tailored for young, independent travellers. With a maximum of 13 people it’s more like travelling with a group of friends than on a tour, and the flexible itineraries mean you’re a participant, not just a passenger. Tour leaders make the difference in your adventure of a lifetime, encouraging you to see and do more than you ever would on your own. If you’re looking to explore the USA, Canada, Alaska and Mexico, check out more than 40 different camping and budget lodging itineraries, ranging from 7 to 64 days in duration and available year-round. src(

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Brewster Vacations Canada offers independent and group vacations, tours and packages in Canada. Our exclusive vacation packages include hotels, transportation, activities, sightseeing tours and much more. Vacations can be completely personalized to suit your needs and our knowledgeable agents can provide recommendations and advice to make your next vacation in Canada a memorable one.
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France , the word alone invokes visions of quiet countryside, outdoor cafes, fine wines, and enchanting rivers. In this land of southwest France where history begins with prehistory, explore with BattenKill a landscape that takes you back in time. Castles perched on cliffs, bring us back to the Middle Ages. And 20,000-year-old cave paintings, still brilliant in color, remind you that this region is considered by anthropologists to be the "cradle of mankind."
Holiday Trekking Vacation France

Travel with us to this enchanting country that is just waiting to be shared. Four magical rivers offer an abundance of canoeing, prehistoric history and medieval villages stimulate our minds and fine wines and regional cuisine satisfy our gastronomical needs.

About Battenkill Canoe
Our goal has always been to rise above the rest, to guarantee more than just an ordinary canoe trip, to provide you with a vacation that goes beyond the mundane. We plan vacations, not expeditions. Afloat, a new world awaits, a world of slowed-down time and stretched-out space, of peace and quiet beauty. From a river, you feel more, and see with different eyes. We at BattenKill take the importance of free-flowing, healthy rivers, and unspoiled outdoors as a priority. Our days are simple and loosely structured. Take a few moments at the water's edge and you will feel yourself wrapped by the river's gentle music, and find the sounds of civilization stopped for a moment. Such moments are timeless and natural.

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The Haute Route was established almost a hundred years ago as a high mountaineering route that linked together two of Europe's premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt. It was then developed into a ski route and more recently a high-level mountain hike.

Few long distance hikes offer the variety and grandeur of landscape as this route. Beginning in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest peak, the Haute Route winds its way through the Swiss canton of Valais. Taking in what is thought to be the greatest collection of four thousand meter peaks in all the Alps, it culminates at the foot of the Matterhorn in Zermatt. While Mont Blanc will remain in view for much of the hike, you will also become familiar with other equally impressive peaks such as the Grand Combin, Mont Blanc de Cheilon, Pigne d'Arolla, Dent Blanche, and the Weisshorn. This hike is nothing short of fantastic!

About Distant Journeys
Since 1988 Distant Journeys has been leading adventure travel trips for all levels of alpine hikers and walkers. They offer easy hotel-based trips, more demanding hut-to-hut trips and self-guided trips. All offer excellent ways to explore some beautiful areas by walking, hiking and trekking. The hiking and walking areas include: Iceland, Norway, several regions in France, Switzerland, Italy and England. Their overseas trips are perfect for active singles or couples who enjoy adventure travel.

The Best Holiday Trekking And Hiking Vacation Canada

The Best Holiday Trekking And Hiking Vacation Canada
Our guests come from all parts of the world, with 65 % of our guests originating from the United States, 30% from Canada, and the remainder from outside North America. The average age of our guests is between 40 and 65, with 15% falling outside of this range. Females hold a slight majority over the males. Regardless of age or country of origin all of our guests enjoy walking, the great outdoors and are curious about the natural and human history of the areas they are lisiting.

Our company policy discourages children under the age of 16 from joining one of our tours, however we are able to set up custom tours for groups and families.

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This is an unforgetable coastal adventure that explores the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy and the rugged granite coastlines and isolated white beaches of the South Shore as well. At the phenomenal Cape Split, a dramatic penninsula jutting into the Bay of Fundy, we can watch and listen as the world's highest tides rip past us 300 feet below. We'll walk back in time as well - along dykes first created by cadians in the 17th century, through the restored buildings of Port Royal founded by Champlain in 1605 and through Lunenburg, a UN world heritage site.

This year, we've added walks to the famous Balancing Rock and around Brier Island, known for its amazing columnar coastline. An exciting Whale Watching Cruise is an option here.
Every night we'll relax in historic country inns, including Digby's renowned "Pines".

Holiday Trekking Vacation Canada

The term trekking is traditionally applied to overland journeys made on foot, usually involving the support of a trek crew to carry personal belongings, along with any tents, food and cooking equipment that may be required. Over the last 20 years KE has developed a superb range of trekking adventures including: treks to Everest Base Camp, following the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; alpine walking on the Tour de Mont Blanc and the classic Haute Route. We are ensure you that we provide a great deal for holiday trekking vacation canada

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